Trail Angel — Magic Man

On May 17th, 2018 I was on my way to Idyllwild, Ca. to get the necessary permits for the next trek.  Along the way I stopped at mile 152 of the PCT and I ran into Magic Man.  He is a trail angel from Central California who for the last 3 years has packed up his trailer and headed to the Southern Terminus of the PCT.  He touches the terminus and then begins making his way north.  He stops at many road crossings on the PCT and sets up shop for a few days.  He sits and waits for hikers to come by and gives them some trail magic and conversation.

His efforts as a trail angel has helped him stay in good mental health.  After his retirement 5 years ago, he felt lonely.  The need to interact with other people was taking a toll on his mental health.  When he started doing this 3 years ago, he felt better about himself and has done this every year since.

The trial can help us all mentally, even if you don’t hike it.  Enjoy his story and #TrekOn.


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